Promotional Printing: Five Benefits of Buck Slips

Promotional Printing: Five Benefits of Buck Slips

Promotional Buck Slips are small, custom-printed pieces that contain a specific sales offer or marketing message. Buck slips are most commonly distributed through the mail, either as a component of a direct mail packet or as an insert placed with statements, invoices, and other customer correspondence. Buck slips can also be handed out in person, such as during a retail transaction or sales event.

An example of a Buck Slip used to promote a grand opening event

Simple and conveniently sized, buck slips are a frequently-used tool in the world of marketing. The widespread use of promotional buck slips is actually a testament to their proven effectiveness at increasing sales from both prospective and current customers.

Below are five benefits that promotional buck slips will provide to your business-

1) Buck Slips grab attention - almost all promotionalbuck slips are printed with an energizing design that includes action-oriented text and vibrant images. When used as a mailing insert, colorful buck slips stand out from the rest of the mailing and help amplify the marketing message. When used as an in-person handout, buck slips help stimulate interest and encourage conversation. Regardless of the distribution method, buck slips help enrich communication and increase the likelihood of a positive response.

2) Buck Slips get right to the point - a buck slip isn't a multi-page document or lengthy brochure, it is a single slip of paper-usually 8.5" x 3.5" or smaller. This limited space actually forces you to focus on the specifics of your offer and to use concise wording. Let's face it, consumers don't have time to play guessing games or pore over vague content-they want to quickly determine what the offer is and how it can benefit them. Hence, a brief message that is clear and easy to understand is much more likely to be read and acted upon than a lengthy, time-consuming message. With buck slips, less truly is more.

3) Buck Slips are inexpensive - Buck slips provide high-impact marketing for a very low investment. In fact, buck slips are one of the most cost-effective ways to distribute a promotional message. As mentioned, buck slips are relatively small slips of paper. Your printer will likely print many buck slips at a time on a master sheet of paper and then trim the individual slips apart. This multiple-up printing method helps minimize the price per piece and makes the entire project very affordable.

4) Buck Slips are lightweight - most buck slips are designed to announce a specific offer or promotional event, so they have a relatively short lifespan. Thus, buck slips do not necessarily have to be printed on heavy weight paper. This feature lends itself well to buck slips that are included as part of a mailing. In most cases, a buck slip can be added to the contents of an envelope without incurring any additional postage expense. The lightweight nature and minimal bulk of buck slips also makes them very easy to handle, transport, and store.

5) Buck Slips are versatile - buck slips can be used to introduce new products and services, announce a special offer or sale, invite people to an event or tradeshow, drive traffic to a website, or serve as a coupon. Buck slips are completely customizable and the design can be as versatile as your imagination. Buck slips can be printed on one or both sides and virtually any color scheme can be used-many promotional buck slips are creatively designed to look like currency.

An example of a Buck Slip designed as in-store currency

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