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Maximize Your Marketing Potential with Rack Cards

Rack cards are an often-overlooked but incredibly effective marketing tool that can generate interest and drive customer engagement. Whether you're showcasing your services at a local tourist kiosk, informing voters about your political campaign, or simply displaying your product offerings at a trade show, rack cards can make a significant impact. Rack cards will help you maximize your marketing potential and should be a key component of your marketing strategy.

What are Rack Cards? 

Rack cards are promotional print materials that are typically found in display racks in high-traffic areas such as hotels, tourist centers, restaurants, and other public spaces. They are usually 4" x 9" in size and designed to be eye-catching and informative. Rack cards are an effective way to grab the attention of potential customers or constituents and provide them with a quick snapshot of what you have to offer.

Where to Use Rack Cards

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Hotels and Tourist Locations

These are classic spots for rack cards. Tourists and travelers are always looking for activities and services in the area. If your business caters to this audience, having a well-placed rack card can lead to a significant uptick in business.

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Conferences and Trade Shows

Rack cards can be an excellent handout at trade shows. They're easy to distribute and allow potential clients to quickly learn more about your company and its offerings.

political campaigns

Political Campaigns

Political rack cards are a staple for candidates looking to spread their message. Placing these cards in strategic locations can help raise awareness and garner support for your political campaign.

local business

Local Businesses

Local businesses can benefit from rack cards by placing them in neighboring establishments. This helps create a network of referrals and supports community business growth.

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Tips for Distributing Rack Cards

Distributing your rack cards effectively is just as important as their design. Here are some tips to ensure your cards get into the right hands:

Partner with Complementary Businesses

Find businesses that complement yours and ask if you can place your rack cards in their establishment. This can be a mutually beneficial relationship if you return the favor.

Attend Community Events

Setting up a booth at local events is a great way to engage with the community and distribute your rack cards directly to interested individuals.

Explore Mailing Options

Consider mailing your rack cards to a targeted list of recipients. Direct mail can be an effective way to reach potential customers, especially if your offer is timely and relevant.

Use a Greeting Cards Display Rack

A greeting cards display rack isn't just for greeting cards. These racks can be an excellent way to present your rack cards in an organized and professional manner, making it easy for people to pick one up.

How to Print Rack Cards in 7 Easy Steps

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1. Gather your content and information

Start by collecting all of the content and images you've prepared for your project. This ensures you have everything ready for the next steps.

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2. Design Your Project

Arrange your project content into a print-ready PDF file. Pay attention to the layout, making sure it's correct and engaging.

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3. Give Us The Specifications

Fill in the details of your project including binding type, size, quantity, page count, ink color, and paper type on the provided quote form to receive an accurate estimate.

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4. Upload Your Work

Once your PDF is ready and meets the printing requirements, we'll upload it using the designated form.

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5. Proofing

After submission, we will review your file. We will then send you a PDF proof for your approval or any necessary revisions

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6. Printing Approval

Once you approve the PDF proof, the printing of your project will be scheduled.

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7. Delivery

After printing, your project will be delivered to your doorstep, ready for you to enjoy and distribute

Benefits of Using Rack Cards


Rack cards are often placed in locations with high foot traffic, increasing the chances of being seen by a wide audience.


Compared to other forms of advertising, rack cards are relatively inexpensive to produce and distribute.

Targeted Marketing

By placing rack cards in relevant locations, you can target specific demographics or interest groups.


Rack cards are easy for people to take with them, which means your message continues to be seen even after they leave the initial location.