Map Design

Need a Custom Map? 

Formax works with highly skilled cartographers to create print ready map files. Collectively our map designers have over 75 years of experience in map design. Our map designers are excellent at analyzing your project and making suggestions to help you achieve your goal. They may recommend a better size to suit your needs to ensure your printed map is just right.

Applications & Industries 

aerial view of a neighborhood

Real Estate

a man giving a presentation

Marketing & Advertising

a busy city street

Urban Planning & Land Use

a landscape with smoke and a road

Environmental Science

a large building with a lawn in front of it

University Communities

a dirt path through a forest

Natural Resource Management

Custom Cartography

Are you looking to print a map that stands out in quality and detail? Look no further. We collaborate with top-notch map designers who specialize in creating exceptional maps for a variety of fields, including real estate, marketing and media, urban planning, environmental science, higher education, and the entertainment industry. Our commitment is to deliver unparalleled products and services that exceed your expectations.

Common Questions Regarding Map Designs

Q Can you use an image from Google to print my map?


No. Online images are not print ready. This means that if we print an image from the internet, no matter the size of the map it will not print clearly. The map will print blurry or pixelated. Online images are often copyrighted to the specific site on the internet and would impose infringement. The file must be created to the size that is intended for print.

Q Have a map idea, but don’t know what to do next?


We can help. Fill out our map request form and one of our representatives will contact you to discuss your project. We will consult with you by asking questions and discussing in detail what you are looking to achieve.

Q Do you update old map files?


Yes. If you have a map that was printed several years ago and need to have some additions or deletions made to it in order to have the map re-printed, we can help. Fill out our Map Request form and a representative will contact you to discuss your project.

Q Can I send you a photo of a map to print?


No. We must have a vectored file of the map to print. We can not print a map from a photo, as you will not be able to view the map correctly.

Q Can you add ads to my map?


Absolutely! We add ads to padded and folded maps all the time. Let your representative know during the consultation that you want to add ads to your map.

Q Is there a charge to create my file?


Yes. After the consultation, our designers will send over a quote to create the project. Once the quote has been approved by you; the designer will begin to work on the project.