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Mini Folding to the Rescue!

Most manufactured products come with some form of printed instructions. These instructions explain the proper way for the consumer to assemble, operate, and/or care for the product. If the instructions are brief, they are often printed directly on the product's package or on a small card or sheet placed within the package.

If the instructions are lengthy, the manufacturer may create a booklet to convey the information…if the product's package is large enough to contain the booklet.

But what if the instructions are lengthy and there isn't enough room in the product's packaging for a booklet? Or, the manufacturer doesn't want to incur the expense of creating and inventorying a bound booklet? This is where Miniature Folding comes to the rescue.

How to Print Folded Instructions in 7 Easy Steps

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1. Gather your content and information

Start by collecting all of the content and images you've prepared for your project. This ensures you have everything ready for the next steps.

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2. Design Your Project

Arrange your project content into a print-ready PDF file. Pay attention to the layout, making sure it's correct and engaging.

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3. Give Us The Specifications

Fill in the details of your project including binding type, size, quantity, page count, ink color, and paper type on the provided quote form to receive an accurate estimate.

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4. Upload Your Work

Once your PDF is ready and meets the printing requirements, we'll upload it using the designated form.

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5. Proofing

After submission, we will review your file. We will then send you a PDF proof for your approval or any necessary revisions

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6. Printing Approval

Once you approve the PDF proof, the printing of your project will be scheduled.

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7. Delivery

After printing, your project will be delivered to your doorstep, ready for you to enjoy and distribute