Promotional Printing: Custom-Printed Scratch Off Cards provide a Unique Way to Engage Customers and Increase Sales

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Custom-printed scratch off cards engage customers and boost sales
If your business or organization is looking for a creative idea to add some excitement to your next promotional campaign, you should strongly consider custom-printed scratch off cards.

Distributing custom scratch-off cards as a freebie to current and prospective customers is a unique and effective marketing tactic because it provides a fun way to increase customer involvement and raise brand awareness.

What are the features of a custom-printed scratch-off card?

Similar to lottery scratchers, custom scratch-off cards have a removable spot coating applied to one or more areas on the card. Being opaque, the coating obscures the information or messages printed underneath. Each recipient simply scratches off the coating with the edge of a coin or other rigid object to reveal the hidden information, such as a prize, special discount, coupon code, or other deal. The back of the card provides space to print the instructions and rules for the promotion, if needed.

Unlike lottery cards, custom scratch cards are printed with your organization's name, logo, slogan, corporate colors, marketing message-�virtually any information you choose. Also, the physical size of the cards is completely up to you. The placement and shape of the coated areas are also customizable. There can be one scratch-off area or multiple areas.

In addition, the shapes of the coated areas can be square, rectangular, round, oval or just about any custom shape you prefer. Of course, the cards can be variably printed so not all the hidden messages, codes, prizes, etc. are the same on each card.

What are the benefits of a custom-printed scratch-off card?

Promotional giveaways and freebies have always been popular with current and prospective customers, but scratch off cards really grab attention and encourage participation. This is because everybody loves to participate in games and contests. People are naturally curious and can't resist the chance to win something. Plus, most people are familiar with the scratch-and-win concept due to the immense popularity of scratch-off lotto tickets.

Many promotional ideas fall short because they do not fully engage the customer. By design, custom-printed scratch-off cards require the recipient to hold, view, and act upon the card. An unscratched card holds an alluring mystery, which tempts and entices the recipient to actively participate.

Scratch-off cards are particularly effective for promoting grand openings, special sales, new product launches, contests, upcoming events, trade show participation, or any other occasion intended to attract and engage customers.

Here's some effective ways to boost leads and sales with promotional scratch-off cards-�

Require the card to be scratched at your location - By requiring the card to only be scratched in person, you are able to draw customers to your event, place of business, trade show booth or other venue. This strategy works equally well for instant-win cards or cards that require the recipient to match a prize code on their ticket to a code at your location.

Distribute cards to encourage a future visit - after a patron has made a purchase, give them a scratch-off card that offers a free gift or compelling discount to be redeemed on a future trip to your location. In order to take advantage of the offer, the customer must return. This extra foot traffic provides additional opportunities for customer engagement and sales.

Build buzz and excitement for new offerings or events - as mentioned above, almost everybody loves to participate in games and contests. Because scratch-and-win games garner so much attention, this provides an excellent method for getting the word out and generating momentum toward upcoming product launches and events.

Prompt a visit to your website - your scratch-off program could stipulate that the recipient of the card must visit your website in order to match a code on the card to a winning code on your site. Or, the card could simply provide a discount code for an online purchase. Either way, the recipient must provide their email address and other contact information in order to redeem.

Boost direct mail response rate - custom scratch off cards are very well-suited for direct mail marketing. The cards are flat, have minimal weight, and fit nicely into an envelope with other promotional materials. Using scratch-off cards as a component of a direct mail piece can provide the extra incentive needed for the prospective customer to respond to the offer.

Bottom line, custom-printed scratch off cards can be used in just about any industry to boost interactions with clients, build awareness, gain new leads, strengthen brand loyalty, capture more market share, and increase sales revenue.

If you'd like to learn more about using custom-printed scratch off cards as part of your marketing plan, give Formax a call at 866-367-6221. Or, if you already know your specs, click here to submit our easy quote request form. As always, we look forward to assisting you!

Take care! Rick

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