Printing Lingo: What are Product Data Sheets / Fact Sheets / Spec Sheets?

Printing Lingo: What are Product Data Sheets / Fact Sheets / Spec Sheets?

Product Data Sheets convey a lot of detailed information in a very concise format

A Product Data Sheet is a printed document used to describe the characteristics and features of a product. It is a great tool for conveying information about an existing product or for introducing a new product.

Who Provides the Product Data Sheet?

A product data sheet is generally provided by a manufacturer or reseller to help consumers make a purchase decision or for assistance in understanding and using the product.

Just about any manufactured product could have a printed data sheet, though they are more commonly produced for industrial and consumer durable goods.

Also, depending on the industry, a product data sheet is sometimes referred to as a product fact sheet, product information sheet, product specification sheet, or simply a factsheet or spec sheet.

Product Data Sheets should be Designed for Quick Reading

Product data sheets are generally printed on a single sheet of paper, with information on one or both sides. They usually have a very concise layout and relay key technical information through the use of tables, charts, lists and diagrams. Color is often used to highlight images and logos or to draw attention toward specific areas, but data sheets can also be produced in black or grayscale to keep the printing cost as low as possible.

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