Here's a Couple Tips for Saving Money on Laminated Printing

Here's a Couple Tips for Saving Money on Laminated Printing

Depending on your Project, you may be able to Reduce your Cost for Laminated Printing

Print lamination involves bonding a clear plastic film onto printed materials. Lamination offers many benefits: added protection, increased rigidity, enhanced ink colors, and greater sheen.

As a printer devoted to helping customers reduce their costs, we often provide ideas for saving money on various print projects. That said, below are a couple ways which may help you save money on laminated printing.

1) Combine Heavier Paper with a Thinner Laminate -

If you need your printed piece to be rigid, one tip that can generally save you money is to use a heavy paper cardstock to print on and then apply a thinner laminate film-as opposed to printing on a standard weight of paper and then applying a thicker laminate film. The resulting overall thickness will be the same with both methods, but using a thinner laminate will almost always result in a lower cost.

2) Use a Flush-cut edge instead of a Sealed Edge -

Unless your laminated project requires the extra protection of Sealed Edge encapsulation, you should consider the more economical Flush-Cut edge method.

With the Sealed-Edge method, the lamination extends beyond the edge of the printed sheet to completely enclose the sheet in plastic. This means the printed sheet must first be trimmed to the desired size, then encapsulated with lamination, and then the plastic edges must be trimmed again.

However, with a Flush-Cut edge, the plastic laminate does not extend past the edge of the printed sheet. This allows the laminate and printed sheet to be trimmed to size at the same time, which reduces the overall production cost.

If you have any questions about lamination or have an upcoming project that requires printing and laminating, give Formax a call at 866-367-6221. We have excellent pricing on laminated printing and can offer you very helpful guidance and advice.

Take care! Rick