Laminated Printing: 5 Reasons to Laminate Presentation Folders

Laminated Printing: 5 Reasons to Laminate Presentation Folders

A laminate coating greatly enhances the look, feel and function of a Presentation Pocket Folder

A Presentation Folder is a sturdy and high-quality pocket folder used to distribute and organize documents for presentations, meetings, seminars and other important business events.

As the name implies, presentation folders are designed to promote an organization's professional image and make a lasting impression. Hence, they are always designed to offer high visual appeal.

One of the best ways to enhance the look and function of a presentation folder is to have it created with a gloss laminate finish. This is because gloss lamination provides five important benefits:

1) Creates a Prestigious, Lustrous Appearance - the high sheen provides a distinctive, finished look-improving the overall aesthetics of the folder's design.

2) Adds a Layer of Protection - protects the paper substrate against spills, stains and abrasions, thus increasing the longevity and usefulness of the folder.

3) Enhances the Ink Colors - the thick clear coat adds depth and vibrancy to the underlying ink colors, which attracts and embraces the recipient's attention.

4) Improves Overall Rigidity of the Folder - stiffens and strengthens the folder to improve its functionality as a portable carrier of important documents.

5) Increases Thickness of the Card Stock - adds a durable, high-quality feel while guarding against tears, creases and wrinkles.

If you'd like to learn more about custom-printed presentation folders, give Formax Printing a call. In addition to our optional lamination, we offer a vast selection of creative folder sizes, shapes, and designs-and they're all stock dies. This means your presentation folders will have a customized look, but at no additional cost to you.

Let Formax help you create impressive, attention-getting folders for your next presentation or business gathering. You'll be surprised at how affordable quality presentation folders can be!

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