Company History Books: Capture Your Corporate Biography in Print

Company History Books: Capture Your Corporate Biography in Print

Celebrate your company's history with a colorful, professionally-printed book

Every established company has a story-.a story of endurance, of overcoming challenges, of achieving excellence, or some other inspiring tale. It may be a long and elaborate story, or a concise and candid story, but virtually every company has an interesting and eventful story.

However, having a story and being able to easily share that story are two different things. Quite often, a company's story only exists in fragmented pieces - the memories of founders, recollections of employees, accounts from news articles, a smattering of photos or documents. It is likely a very remarkable story-but unless it can be easily shared, it is a story that few will ever know or fully appreciate.

Fortunately, creating a printed book allows a company to capture and preserve its unique story in a format that can be easily shared with others. In our experience, a well-crafted corporate biography does more than detail important people, facts and events, it also highlights the challenges and experiences that helped forge the personality of the business.

The Benefits of Capturing Your Corporate History in Book Form

A professionally-printed book is not only timeless, it exudes credibility. It projects a level of tradition, quality and permanence that few media can match. Unlike an electronic presentation - such as a video, PowerPoint display or web article - a book is tangible, easily portable and requires no special equipment to view. In fact, that is why books are so popular - they can be viewed by anyone, in any place and at any time.

In addition, a printed book offers a wide range of creative options that can be custom-tailored to the goals and budget of any company. The design elements can be as distinctive as the company itself, including full color or black/white printing, glossy or matte finishes, portrait, landscape or square orientation, large or small format-basically any features the company desires.

What Type of Company Prints a Book of its History?

We have found that businesses of all types and sizes print books about their history. These include long-standing corporations, family-run businesses, popular restaurants, wineries and country clubs, manufacturing firms, service and utility companies, sports and entertainment venues, vehicle dealerships and many other successful establishments.

Quite often, a printed history book is created to commemorate a special event, such as a milestone anniversary or other important occasion. A commemorative book not only provides a testament to a company's endurance and stability, it also chronicles past accomplishments and shares the company's vision for the future.

In addition to companies, many other types of organizations print books to record and preserve their histories. These include fire and police departments, hospitals, churches and synagogues, charities, schools, towns and governments, clubs and associations, museums and so on.

A Company History Book Appeals to a Wide Audience

A company history book has broad appeal. It can be presented as an appreciation gift to company founders, retirees, employees, board members, shareholders or community leaders. It can also serve as an effective marketing tool when distributed to current and potential customers, local residents or members of the news media. A company history book can even be used for fund raising or as a saleable item in a bookstore or corporate gift store.

If your business or organization would like to showcase its unique history, give Formax Printing a call at 866-367-6221. Whether you need 250 or 2500 books, Formax offers a variety of cost-effective solutions. A well-crafted book will not only preserve your company's history, it will enhance your company's image and reputation- so let us help you create a printed book you'll be proud to share.

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