Book Printing: The Top 5 Benefits of Short Run Book Printing

Book Printing: The Top 5 Benefits of Short Run Book Printing

Short Run Book Printing: Less Books, More Benefits

The advent of digital printing equipment has made short run book printing an extremely popular choice for businesses, organizations and authors.

After all, why buy 20,000 books or booklets at a time when ordering 200 or 2,000 offers so much more flexibility?

With digital short run book printing, you actually get More benefits with Less-

1) Less Money tied up. By only ordering a small quantity of books at a time, your monetary investment is kept to a minimum. Smaller order quantities help your inventory turn faster too.

2) Less Waste. By ordering in smaller increments, you reduce the chance of being stuck with obsolete or out-of-date books if the content changes more rapidly than anticipated.

3) Less Risk. Ordering books in smaller quantities provides the flexibility to make frequent changes to the content or design of the book. This works particularly well for new book projects because it allows for test trials and quicker adjustments.

4) Less Storage Space. Books can be bulky and take up a lot of space. The less you order at a time, the less room you will need to store them. This reduces handling costs too.

5) Less Wait Time. A shorter run of books takes less time to produce than a longer run. And there's minimal set-up time with digital printing too.

Would you like to explore the benefits of printing your books in shorter production runs? Just give Formax a call. We can print any type of book you may need, including perfect bound, saddle-stitch and spiral coil bound.

We look forward to assisting with your next book project!

Take care! Rick