Small Booklet Printing: An Overview of Pocket-Sized Booklets

Small Booklet Printing: An Overview of Pocket-Sized Booklets

Printing booklets in a Pocket-Sized format provides a convenient way to keep useful information handy

Pocket-size booklets provide a convenient way to share useful information.

The compact format of pocket-sized booklets makes them ideal for instructional handbooks, reference manuals, travel guides, short stories, scripture or any other printed information people like to keep handy.

Compact, Practical and Economical

  • As you would expect, pocket-size booklets are designed to be small and relatively thin books, so that they fit well into a shirt or hip pocket. A reduced size is not only more economical, it also makes it easier to distribute these booklets by hand or by mail.
  • Using full-color ink for the cover and black ink for the pages is a thrifty way to create an attractive booklet. It is cheaper than using full-color throughout, yet still provides the booklet with high visual appeal.
  • In addition, pocket-sized booklets frequently have a durable cover which protects them from the wear associated with frequent handling. If the booklet is expected to see very rigorous use, its cover is often further protected with a clear plastic laminate.
  • To maintain the appearance of the pages, pocket-sized books are sometimes created with rounded corners. Rounding helps keep the corners of the pages from bending backward when the book is shoved into a pocket or purse.
  • In order to keep the cost as low as possible, pocket-sized booklets are commonly bound with the saddle-stitch binding method (two staples in the spine) or the perfect binding method (glued spine). Both methods are popular for binding small booklets.

Not all printers are set up to produce small, pocket-sized booklets. So if you are having trouble finding the size or type you need, give Formax Printing a call at 866-367-6221 or submit ourquote request form. We specialize in all types of book and booklet printing and can provide you with multiple options for achieving a cost-effective solution.

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