Buy Custom-Printed Binder Sets Pre-Assembled to Save Time and Money!

Buy Custom-Printed Binder Sets Pre-Assembled to Save Time and Money!

An example of a Pre-Assembled Binder Set created with colorful content and custom-printed tabs

Many companies use some form of ringed binders with custom-printed content. Ringed binders are extremely popular because content can be added or removed very easily. Tabbed dividers are also a popular feature because they allow the user to quickly locate and reference information within the binder.

Because binder sets are such a simple way to convey printed information, companies use them for a variety of purposes. For example, binder sets are often created for internal use, such as for easy-to-use employee, policy or operation manuals. Custom binder sets are also produced for distribution to clients, such as pricing, product and instruction manuals.

Regardless of the intended end-user or purpose, many companies assemble their binder sets themselves. They purchase the printed binder covers, tab sets and content separately and then assemble these components into complete sets. Employees are often recruited to help with the gathering and assembly, which can become rather time consuming and disruptive to the workday.

Did You Know You Can Order Custom Binder Sets Pre-Assembled?

Instead of having to purchase all the components separately, binder sets can be purchased from a printer as complete, pre-assembled sets. The binders, tabs and all of the contents can be printed to your specifications and then assembled for you. This saves the time, hassle and space issues associated with gathering and assembling everything in-house.

The Right Printer Can Offer You the Following Services-

1) Custom-printed binders, or standard binders with custom-printed slip-in front and/or spine sections.

2) Custom-printed tabbed dividers, in any color or configuration-with or without a protective Mylar finish.

3) Custom-printed pages and inserts - including pages of text and images, forms, full-color brochures, and so on.

4) Complete assembly services for all of the above.

5) Shipping of the completed binder sets in bulk to a single location, or the shipping of individual binders to multiple locations. An ongoing binder fulfillment program - that includes printing, assembling and shipping - is also a service offered by some printers.

If your company purchases its binder components separately and assembles them in-house, you should explore the time and money saving advantages of having a printer provide you with pre-assembled sets.

Formax Printing Solutions would be happy to assist with your binder set needs, including the custom printing, assembly and distribution. Just call us at 866-367-6221 to further discuss your binder project.

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