Presentation Printing: Seminar, Class and Workshop Materials

Presentation Printing: Seminar, Class and Workshop Materials

Professionally printed materials greatly enhance the effectiveness of Group Presentations

Businesses and associations give group presentations for a variety of reasons-workshops for employees, training classes for clients, presentations to investors. A fee is sometimes charged for certain presentations, such as lectures to professional groups or seminars that provide extensive instruction or career enrichment.

Whether a fee is charged or not, all group presentations are enhanced by the use of printed supplements. These may include training manuals, workbooks and worksheets, study guides, information packets, literature, promotional pieces and so on. Multiple printed components are quite common and are often assembled and distributed to attendees within a binder or presentation folder.

Professional Printing = Professional Image

Whatever the purpose of the group presentation, it is imperative that all print materials cast the presenting organization in the best possible light and project an air of importance and value to the attendees. This is particularly important if a fee is charged for the presentation because the attendees are, in effect, buying information. And the printed materials represent the information's "packaging."

Also, as the saying goes, image is everything. To enhance the image of quality and professionalism, full color printing is highly recommended. Black and white printing is acceptable for the text within a workbook or manual, but is not suggested for the cover. Furthermore, unprofessional photocopies are definitely not acceptable if you want to impress the attendees.

A Few Other Tips

When having materials printed for a group presentation, it helps to find a printer who can provide a variety of services, including short-run printing, binding, assembly and kitting. Also, if your group presentation is held off-site, such as a hotel or conference center, you might want to have your printer deliver the printing there instead of to your office. This will save you the hassles associated with transporting the printing yourself.

Formax prints a variety of bound and loose materials for use in presentations, seminars, classrooms and workshops. We can even print short-run quantities so you aren't stuck with extra materials. Give Formax a call to discuss your upcoming printing needs.

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