Thinking about Printing a Custom Coloring Book?

Thinking about Printing a Custom Coloring Book?

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Coloring Books have seen an amazing resurgence in popularity. For decades, coloring books have been created for young children to encourage creativity as well as to develop fine motor skills and eye-hand coordination. In recent years, however, coloring books have grown tremendously popular with adults as a means to unwind and relieve stress.

A Quick Overview

Whether designed with simple images for children or intricate patterns for adults, almost all coloring books have a full-color cover and black line art on opaque interior pages. The full-color cover offers high visual appeal while the black line art creates distinct areas for the user to fill in with markers, crayons, colored pencils, or other drawing media.

Depending on the page count, most coloring books are either bound with the saddle-stitch or perfect binding method. Premium coloring books may have spiral coil or wire-o binding so that the books lie perfectly flat while in the open position. Laminated covers and pages perforated for easy removal are additional upgrades found in premium books.

Coloring book projects are initiated by all types of businesses and organizations, as well as by artistic and enterprising individuals. Coloring books can be produced for commercial or non-commercial purposes and can have widespread or limited distribution.

The advantages of custom-printed coloring books include the following-

  • Coloring Books are Profitable - Many coloring books are created as saleable items for online or in-store presentation. Because coloring books have a relatively simple format, and because the interior pages are printed in black ink only, they are very economical to produce. This leaves significant room for a retail mark-up.
  • Coloring Books are a Great Promotional Item - A coloring book can be created with a promotional theme or marketing message and used as a giveaway to prospective or current customers. Everyone likes to receive useful gifts for free. Plus, a quality item helps reinforce credibility and encourages reciprocity.
  • Coloring Books are Ideal for Fundraising - Many organizations, such as schools, clubs, teams, churches, and scouts depend on fundraising campaigns to raise money for a variety of needs. A coloring book is not only a practical and affordable item, it can be custom-printed with any content the organization desires.
  • Coloring Books can Educate and Inform - A medical or dental office may distribute coloring books with a health or hygiene theme. Likewise, a local firehouse may distribute a coloring book related to safety. A corporation might provide promotional coloring books that include a history of its company, or illustrations of its products and services.
  • Coloring Books provide Ongoing Brand Exposure - Because coloring books are tangible items and provide a useful benefit, they will usually be kept around for months or longer. By offering repeated exposure to your name or brand, a coloring book helps keep your company or organization top-of-mind to influence recall and foster goodwill.

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Coloring books are extremely versatile and can be created with any theme or content you choose. Whether you are looking to print coloring books for promotional purposes, for a fundraising campaign, or to sell outright, give Formax a call at 866-367-6221 or use our easy quote form. We'll take your artwork and produce quality coloring books to your exact specifications.

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