Add Vibrant Graphics to Your Trade Show Booth with a Pop Up Backdrop

Add Vibrant Graphics to Your Trade Show Booth with a Pop Up Backdrop

A Pop Up Backdrop Unfolds Quickly to provide a Vibrant, Seamless Background for your Trade Show Display!

A Pop Up Backdrop provides a quick and easy way to enhance your company's presence at a trade show or exhibition.

Designed for portability and quick set-up, a pop up backdrop provides an eye-catching background to any trade show booth or showroom display. The printed design is 100% custom and may include vibrant graphics, a corporate logo, marketing message or any image you desire.

A pop up backdrop is professionally-printed on high-quality tension fabric. The fabric is attached to a collapsible heavy-duty frame that is surprisingly light in weight. The entire unit comes preassembled in a carrying case and expands very easily into a full size backdrop.

Once the unit is unfolded, the fabric stretches taught for a smooth, seamless display. A pop up backdrop is available in a variety of sizes, up to 10' wide.

Set Up is Quick and Easy!

Pop Up Backdrops are extremely practical, durable and affordable. If you'd like to learn more about custom-printed backdrops, just get in touch with FormaxPrinting Solutions by submitting our quote request form. We'll help you create an attention-grabbing trade show display.