Simplify Trade Show Marketing with Portable Exhibits & Display Systems

Simplify Trade Show Marketing with Portable Exhibits & Display Systems

These portable trade show displays start out very compact for easy transit. Once they're on-site, they retract, unfold, and telescope into full-size exhibits.

On the exhibition floor of a busy trade show, hundreds of companies compete for the exact same thing - to capture the attention of the show's visitors.

Only by attracting the attention of visitors will a company be able to promote its offerings, develop valuable sales contacts and view its participation in the show as a success.

To attract visitors, a company must have a display that is not only large and colorful (so visitors see it) but also one that looks fresh, interesting and projects a professional image (so visitors stop by).

Some companies create booth displays from regular construction materials like wood and drywall. These take many man-hours to assemble before the show and to disassemble afterward. And since these "semi-permanent" displays are so bulky and heavy, they are difficult and expensive to transport.

Portable Modular Displays: the Ideal Trade Show Solution

Portable modular displays are a welcome alternative to bulky, heavy and costly displays. These engineering marvels start out very compact and then retract, unfold, or telescope into full-size exhibits. They're self-contained and surprisingly lightweight, so they can be transported and set up easily-without the need for trucks, carts, or a team of workers.

Five Benefits of Going Portable-

1) Custom Graphics - Professionally printed with your unique company message and vibrant design to increase visibility and grab attention.

2) Variety of Styles - There is a contemporary display solution for any tradeshow or showroom need, including backdrops, panels, banners, signs, table top exhibits, counters, stands and literature racks.

3) Easy to Transport - Lightweight and compact, these portable displays are self-contained in carrying cases.

4) Fast Set-Up - Engineered with telescoping, unfolding and pop-up features that make set-up a breeze; requires either no tools or minimal tools.

5) Very Economical - Custom-printed exhibits are available for any budget; compact size and lightweight features also reduce costs associated with storage, transportation and on-site set-up.

If you have any questions about the benefits of portable trade show displays, get in touch with Formax. We can produce a wide variety of custom-printed displays that will really grab the attention of visitors at your next trade show or exhibition!