Retractable Trade Show Banners: Maximum Impact, Minimal Space

Retractable Trade Show Banners: Maximum Impact, Minimal Space

Retractable Banners are Easy to Set-Up and they're Free Standing. This makes them Perfect for a Trade Show, Convention, Seminar or any other Promotional Event.

Retractable Banners are popular because they provide maximum visual impact from a very compact space. Self-contained in a sturdy base unit, these durable fabric banners rise vertically to create dazzling displays.

You'll Enjoy the Benefits of Retractable Banners-

1) Custom Design - the banner is professionally-printed with any graphic design, colors, logo or message you desire.

2) Portable and Self-Contained - the banner system is lightweight and easy for anyone to carry and set up. Plus, during storage and transport, the banner is housed within its sturdy base for protection.

3) Set-Up is Easy and Requires Limited Space - the entire system takes only a minute to set up and the banner unfurls wrinkle free. The base acts as the stand - no others parts or tools are needed. Also, a retractable banner requires only minimal floor space and can be repositioned easily to grab maximum attention. When the show is over, the banner easily retracts back into its base.

4) Wide Selection - banner systems are available in a variety of styles, from large floor models to smaller tabletop models. They can also be created with a message on both sides.

5) Excellent Value - available in designs to fit any budget, retractable banner systems are quick to set-up and can be used over and over again. They provide a very cost-effective method for broadcasting your company's marketing message.

Retractable Banner Systems are Easy to Transport-and a Breeze to Set-Up!

In addition to trade shows, retractable banner systems are ideal for conferences, seminars, corporate lobbies, showrooms and anywhere else you want your company's marketing message on display.

Do you have an upcoming promotional event? Give Formax a call to learn how a professionally-printed banner or other trade show displays can help make your next event a success!