Printing Lingo: What is a C-fold?

Printing Lingo: What is a C-fold?

a c-fold diagram
The C-Fold, also known as the Letter Fold, is the Most Common Method of Tri-Folding a Document

A C-fold is a document folding method that uses two parallel folds to create six panels of roughly the same size - three panels on each side of the paper.

The outer panels are folded toward each other so that they overlap.

Also known as a Letter Fold or a3-Panel Roll Fold, the C-fold is the most common tri-fold method. It is used for letters, self-mailers, flyers and brochures.

What is a Letter fold?

A letter fold refers to a specific way of folding a letter or document, typically for mailing purposes. It involves folding the paper into three equal sections, with the two outer sections folded inward so that they meet in the middle.

This creates a neat and compact package that can easily fit into an envelope. Letter folds are commonly used for business correspondence, such as invoices, statements, promotional materials, and personal letters.

The fold not only ensures the document remains secure during transit but also provides a professional and organized appearance when opened by the recipient.

What is a C-Fold Letter Used for?

A C-fold letter is typically used for formal correspondence and business communication. It is a type of folding method where the letter is folded in three equal sections, resembling the letter "C" when viewed from the side. This folding style is commonly used for professional documents such as cover letters, business proposals, and resumes.

The C-fold not only provides a neat and organized appearance, but it also allows for easy insertion into envelopes and filing. Additionally, the C-fold letter is often used for mailing purposes as it fits well within standard-sized envelopes, ensuring that the content remains secure during transit.

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