The Benefits of a Turned-Edge Binder

The Benefits of a Turned-Edge Binder

The full-color cover design wraps completely around this Turned-Edge Binder

Traditional vinyl binders are functional, but Turned-Edge Binders offer function plus an extremely prestigious look and feel. Hence, turned-edge binders are the preferred option to promote an organization's professional image.

Similar in construction and durability to hardbound book covers, turned-edge binders can be printed with vibrant, full-color graphics. They can also be enhanced with special features such as metallic foil stamping or embossing.

Why is it called a "Turned-Edge" Binder?

A turned-edge binder is created by adhering an outer cover over rigid paperboard. In most cases, the cover is a sheet that has been printed and laminated, but it could also be some other high-quality material.

The outer cover is designed so that it overlaps the paperboard substrate and bends around its edges, hence the name "turned-edge." The result is a very professional and finished-looking binder.

The Benefits of a Turned-Edge Binder include-

Full-Color Graphics: Turned-edge binders can be printed with crisp and elaborate full-color artwork. In addition to the outside cover, the interior of the binder can also be printed in full color.

Enhances Creativity: There are no seams to interrupt the cover's artwork design, so it can flow continuously around the binder. Also, because the cover artwork wraps around to the inside, a full bleed is automatic.

The bleed is automatic on a Turned-Edge Binder because the cover artwork wraps around to the inside

Available in Multiple Styles: In addition to ringed binders with or without pockets, the turned-edge method can be used to create self-standing easel binders, presentation and catalog covers, slip cases, and more.

Special Sizes & Smaller Quantities: Unlike many other types of binders, turned-edge binders can be custom assembled. This allows for unique sizes as well as shorter production runs.

Professional Look and Feel: Turned-edge binders offer high visual appeal. Plus, they are extremely durable and well-constructed. As such, they provide a lasting impression.

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