Miniature Folding: The Secret to Cost-Effective Instruction Sheets

Miniature Folding: The Secret to Cost-Effective Instruction Sheets

A variety of Instruction Sheets that have been reduced in size with the Miniature Folding method

Most manufactured products come with some form of printed instructions. These instructions explain how the consumer can assemble, operate, and/or care for the product.

If the instructions are brief, they are often printed directly on the product's package or on a small card or sheet placed within it. If the instructions are lengthy, the manufacturer may create a booklet to convey the information-if the product's package is large enough to contain the booklet.

But what if the instructions are lengthy and there isn't enough room in the product's packaging for a booklet? Or, does the manufacturer not want to incur the expense of creating and inventorying a bound booklet? This is where Miniature Folding comes to the rescue.

What is Miniature Folding?

Miniature folding, also known as mini folding, small format folding or pharmaceutical folding, is a specialized folding operation. Miniature folding reduces a large sheet of instructions, or other printed information, into a very condensed size. By printing on a single large sheet and then folding it down to a small size allows product manufacturers a cost-effective way to fit a great deal of printed information into a tight space or a small package.

Just like a booklet, miniature folding allows the instructions to convey a high level of detail, contain data on more than one product model, and/or incorporate multiple languages. But a miniature-folded document takes up much less space than a booklet and in most cases costs much less.

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Who uses Miniature Folding?

Miniature folding is used primarily by product manufacturers. Examples of manufactured items that include mini-folded inserts are small mechanical parts, electrical components, health and beauty items, personal electronics and toys, household items, wristwatches and jewelry - basically anything that gets placed in a small container or clam-shell pack.

In addition to instructions, the miniature folding method can be used for product warranties, coupons, brochures, or any other important information a manufacturer wants to include with its product. Any printed matter that accompanies a product in a small package is a good candidate for miniature folding.

Miniature Folding is a Specialty

Most miniature folding projects use a relatively light weight of paper. This is because lighter paper folds easier, lays flatter and develops less bulk. But lightweight paper is not that easy to print upon, so few printers have the means to do it. Even fewer printers have miniature folding capabilities.

If you are a product manufacturer with a need for printing and miniature folding, give Formax a call at 314-434-5500 or 866-367-6221. Or, simply click here to access our quote request form. We've helped a lot of manufacturers achieve a cost-effective miniature folding solution and we can help you too!

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