Printing Lingo: What is Miniature Folding?

Printing Lingo: What is Miniature Folding?

Miniature Folding, or Mini Folding, is a specialized paper folding method that transforms a large sheet of paper into a very compact size.

The miniature folding method is used when a great deal of printed information - such as detailed consumer data or instructions in multiple languages - must be included with a product, but there is minimal room within the product's packaging to do so.

Applications that use Miniature Folding

Prime examples of miniature folding are the information sheets and dosage instructions supplied within the boxes of many over-the-counter and prescription medications. In fact, miniature folding has such widespread use within the pharmaceutical industry that it is often referred to as Pharmaceutical Folding.

In addition to pharmaceuticals, the mini folding method is commonly used by manufacturers of cosmetics, personal electronics and many other small consumer items. Any printed information that needs to be reduced to a much smaller form is a good candidate for a mini fold. This includes instruction sheets, use and care guides, consumer warnings, promotional inserts, coupons and warranties.

Miniature Folding is a Specialty Operation

Miniature folding is a specialty operation that not many printing companies offer. In addition to specialized equipment for creating the numerous folds necessary, the paper used for miniature folding is a special lightweight paper that develops less bulk when folded. Also, depending on the application, the process sometimes requires a small amount of adhesive to keep a densely folded sheet from springing open.

Give Formax a call if you have materials that require printing and miniature folding. We'll help you determine the best printing and folding solution for your specific project.

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