Welcome! from Formax Printing

Welcome! from Formax Printing

Hello to all! My name is Rick Stallings, owner of Formax Printing Solutions in St. Louis, MO. Just about every company uses printed materials for operational and promotional purposes, so I started this blog to share some of my observations from the world of printing.

During my 25 years in this business, I have noticed that most people who purchase printing for their company have the following two traits in common:

  1. Print buying is generally not their primary responsibility within the company; it is usually a secondary assignment they are given from time to time.
  2. Often they have been assigned the duty of print buying but they aren't always given the adequate instructions, time or resources to do the job optimally.

With that said, this task can become very stressful and make the print buyer very uncomfortable. As a result, they are often overly dependent on the printing salesperson which puts the print buyer at a disadvantage.

Like most industries, printing has its own rules, jargon and methods. The goal of this blog is to help print buyers learn enough of these basics so they are not taken advantage of by suppliers. Also, I hope to share some new ideas, options and ways for you to save money on printing. You will find that learning just a few more basics can really pay off.

As we go along, please feel free to ask questions. Answering your question will likely help someone else. Printing doesn't have to be complicated.

We are always here to help if you need us.

Take Care! Rick