Trade Show Solutions: Custom-Printed Table Throws and Runners

Trade Show Solutions: Custom-Printed Table Throws and Runners

Whether you are participating in a trade show, meeting, conference or other important event, a colorful throw or runner will add the finishing touch to your display table.

A custom-printed table throw or runner is a reasonably priced method for prominently displaying your logo and marketing message to visitors.

Available in a wide variety of colors, imprinted throws and runners attract attention-which enhances brand awareness and maximizes your promotional efforts!

Full Table Throws

A full throw covers the table top and also drapes over the sides of the table, extending to the floor on all four sides.

A full throw is ideal when you wish to keep items stored under the table and out of sight. Also, because it covers the table completely, a full table throw is recommended for tables that will be visible from all angles.

Open-Back Table Throws

An open-back throw covers the top of the table, plus it extends to the floor on the front and sides of the table.

An open-back throw does not cover the back of the table, leaving it open for exhibitors who require easy access to items stored underneath.

In addition, an open-back throw is essential if you wish to sit behind the table, such as to greet or register visitors.

Table Runners

A colorful table runner is an economical way to add visual impact to your display table. A runner covers the mid-section of the table, draping over both the front and back.

Imprinted with your logo and message, it provides the perfect accent to a white or solid-color table throw. A custom-printed table runner even maximizes the appearance of a bare table.

Designed to Fit Common Table Sizes

Full and open-back table throws are designed to fit the most common sizes of folding tables, such as table lengths of 4', 6' and 8'.

Table runners generally range from 2' to 5' in width, which accentuates the majority of display table sizes.

Custom-printed table throws and runners are a very affordable and practical way to enhance your organization's presence at important exhibits and business gatherings. Give Formax a call at 866-367-6221 or submit our quote request form. if you'd like to learn more. We'll help you create a custom-printed table cover to ensure your next event is a resounding success!

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