Trade Show Solutions: Creative Ways to Display Brochures & Literature

Trade Show Solutions: Creative Ways to Display Brochures & Literature

A custom trade show banner with literature pockets

At a trade show, professionally-printed literature is used for a variety of purposes. Literature can introduce a company, showcase its products and services, answer questions, educate, persuade. In other words, printed literature helps support the expertise of a sales staff.

Because literature serves such an important role at a trade show - and reflects so strongly on your company - it should be displayed in the best possible manner. Fortunately, there are a variety of clever solutions for properly displaying your print materials in a trade show environment.

Portable, Easy to Set Up and Space-Saving

Modular Literature Stand

A trade show floor is a busy place, not only throughout the show but also during the booth set-up phase. When it comes to setting up a trade show booth, there are three main criteria for a literature rack. First, it should be easy to carry into and out of the exhibition area. Second, it should be quick and easy to set up. And third, it should help conserve space in the booth.

In recent years, progressive engineering has helped satisfy all of these criteria. Literature racks are now designed as collapsible or modular systems that are easy to transport and set-up in minutes. They store compactly, are light in weight (yet durable and stable) and come with fitted carrying cases. Equally important, they are sleek, attractive and complement any trade show booth or promotional display.

Collapsible Literature Rack

Prevents a Booth from Looking Cluttered

Modern literature stands have a relatively small footprint and display your literature vertically to conserve space. This means your booth will appear much more organized and you'll never again have literature scattered about a table or cluttering up your counter.

Even if you only have a small display space, the vertical orientation allows booth visitors and prospects to easily see all the literature you wish to share. This provides a vast improvement over catalogs, brochures and other information lying flat and unorganized on a shelf or table.

Fold-Up Literature Rack

Helps Control Literature Distribution

Because contemporary literature stands are compact, lightweight and easy to transport, they can be quickly repositioned anywhere in your trade show booth. If you prefer greater control over your literature distribution, you can place the stand at the rear of the booth or behind a counter. Conversely, if you would like each passerby to have easy access to your literature, you can move the stand to the front of your booth.

Formax Printing Solutions offers literature racks, brochure stands and other trade show displays in a variety of styles and sizes. Each one is portable, durable and very affordable. And of course, Formax offers custom printing services for your upcoming trade show, convention or sales conference - catalogs, brochures, pamphlets, binder sets, information packets-just about any type of printing you might need to make a positive impression. Keep Formax in mind for your next promotional event! Give us a call at 866-367-6221 or submit our quote request form.

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