Simple Ways to Save Money on Printed Business Envelopes

Simple Ways to Save Money on Printed Business Envelopes

As commonplace as Email has become in the workplace, printed envelopes are still used by just about every business. That is probably why I am frequently asked about ways to save money when buying printed business envelopes.

Maximize Savings by Ordering Same-Size Envelopes with Matching Ink Color

First, when same-size envelopes with the same ink color are ordered together, you save some money. For example, if you order your #10 regular envelopes with your #10 window envelopes, and they have the same ink color, they can be run in the same batch on the printing press- which costs less than two separate runs. And if the printed copy is the same on both envelopes, figure on even more savings.

If Possible, Use Standard Ink Colors

Using a standard ink color instead of a special PMS color is another way to save money on printed business envelopes. The reason is twofold: the ink won't have to be mixed or special ordered, and the press won't incur downtime to prep for the new ink color.

Avoid Custom Sizes

Always try to use standard-size envelopes instead of custom-size envelopes to save big dollars. For example, a standard window envelope costs a fraction of what a custom window envelope will. Using a standard window envelope not only translates to bigger savings, but it also means quicker delivery. Plus, you can order as few as 1,000 if needed.

Give us a call if you have any envelope questions. We can show you how to save money on envelopes, printing and mailings.

Take care! Rick