Laminated Printing: 3 Reasons to Laminate Flip Books & Flip Charts

Laminated Printing: 3 Reasons to Laminate Flip Books & Flip Charts

Coil-Bound Flip Books Used for Educational Purposes

Flip Books and Flip Charts contain pages that turn, or flip, easily. They are usually created as a simple ring or spiral coil bound document that either lies flat or forms a self-standing easel shape.

Flipbooks and Flip charts are designed primarily for table or desktop use, flip books and flip charts provide a convenient and low-tech way to convey information to a limited audience.

Popular Uses of Flip Documents

Flip books and flip charts are popular for promotional purposes. They can be part of a sales presentation or designed for customers to browse through on their own, such as part of a showroom or lobby display. They are also frequently used for tabletop dessert or drink menus in restaurants.

Flip books and flip charts are also commonly used for educational purposes, such as in a classroom, business meeting or other instructional setting. They can be used to compliment a lecture or provided for self-instruction.

Flip books and flip charts are often used to display restaurant or bar menus to allow patrons to easily see what they have to offer with vibrant photographs and descriptions.

3 Reasons to Apply a Clear Laminate:

1) Lamination Increases Rigidity - pages which have been laminated become stiffer. The laminate coating also helps the pages separate easier. This makes the pages very easy to flip.

2) Lamination Adds Protection - plastic lamination protects the frequently-handled pages and cover of a flip document against tears, stains, smudges, moisture and other contaminants. This greatly increases the useful life.

3) Lamination Enhances Appearance - lamination enhances the vibrancy of the underlying ink colors and adds sheen. This gives the content a more attractive, professional appearance and helps hold attention.

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