Printing Lingo: What is Variable Data Printing?

Printing Lingo: What is Variable Data Printing?

Variable Data Printing is a cost-effective way to create Personalized Marketing Pieces

Variable Data Printing (VDP), sometimes called Variable Information Printing (VIP), is a printing method which allows the printed content to change within a single press run.

In other words, each impression can be printed differently from one piece to the next without having to stop or slow down the press.

Variable Data Printing is performed with digital printing equipment. An electronic database is created which contains the variable data used to personalize or alter certain elements of each printed piece. Then special software extracts this variable data and merges it with a layout template to create the unique output files, which are then printed on a digital press. Just about any design element can be created as a variable, from text and headlines to photos and colors.

Variable Data Printing for Promotional Purposes

People respond best to messages that are relevant to them. That is why Variable Data Printing is so popular for direct marketing pieces, such as sales letters, brochures and postcards. Printing the recipient's name, location, interests and other personalized data within a targeted message greatly enhances attention, readership and action. In turn, this dramatically improves the response rate, which is the primary goal of any promotional campaign.

Variable Data Printing combines the cost savings of a mass mailing with the effectiveness of one-on-one communication. Instead of printing 5,000 identical postcards to deliver the exact same message to 5,000 customers, Variable Data Printing allows you to print 5,000 unique postcards with a special message targeted to each individual customer.

Variable Data Printing is the ideal fit for any promotional campaign, especially direct mail and literature fulfillment projects. Let Formax Printing Solutions show you how easy it is to incorporate Variable Data Printing into your next print project.

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