Printing Lingo: What is an Accordion Fold?

Printing Lingo: What is an Accordion Fold?

What is an accordion fold?

An Accordion Fold refers to a document folding method that uses a series of alternating folds to create multiple panels of a similar size. The parallel pleats formed by the alternating folds resemble the expandable mid-section of an Accordion musical instrument, hence the name "Accordion Fold."

Printed pieces folded with the accordion method will open fully with minimal resistance. This is because each subsequent fold is made in the opposite direction of the fold preceding it. Also, unlike many other folding techniques, accordion folds help minimize the bulk of the finished piece so it will close compactly.

Accordion folding is a popular choice for multi-page brochures. In addition to providing a distinctive appearance, accordion folding is generally more cost-effective than producing a multi-page brochure as a bound booklet.

Furthermore, the accordion method is often incorporated when folding large maps into a convenient size. It is also a practical way to condense lengthy instruction sheets into a very small physical size, such as the mini-folded instructions enclosed with various consumer products.

The Accordion fold is sometimes referred to as a Zig-Zag fold or a Fan fold.

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