Printing Lingo: What is a Physical Mock-Up?

Printing Lingo: What is a Physical Mock-Up?

Printed mock-ups help visualize the layout of the finished piece

In the world of printing, a Physical Mock-Up refers to a representative sample that is created prior to production. Physical mock-ups are used to help evaluate the look, feel and function of an item before any actual printing takes place.

A physical mock-up is usually made with the same dimensions and paper stock as the final product. Depending on the intended purpose of the mock-up, it may be printed or left unprinted.

Printed mock-ups are commonly used to help visualize the placement of text, images, borders, margins, and other details in the layout. Unprinted mock-ups are often created to show the construction of a piece, such as how it will be laminated, bound, trimmed, or folded.

Unprinted mock-ups are often used to show construction details

Sometimes referred to as a "dummy" or "prototype", a physical mock-up is beneficial to both the client and printer because it provides valuable insight into how the finished pieces will appear. That said, not all print projects warrant the need for a physical mock-up. Mock-ups are usually reserved for projects that require extra review prior to production, such as those with special design and/or construction features.

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