Printing Lingo: What is a Door Hanger?

Door Hangers are a simple and cost-effective way to distribute a promotional message to a targeted geographic area

A Door Hanger is a printed piece, usually rectangular in shape, that is created with a die-cut hole or hook that allows it to suspend from the knob or handle of a door. Most door hangers are promotional in nature and are printed with colorful graphics on one or both sides of durable cardstock.

Despite its simplicity, a door hanger is a very effective marketing method-�it gets seen, it gets held, and most importantly it gets read.

Door hangers are also extremely economical. This makes them a popular choice for consumer marketing. In fact, the majority of door hangers are designed for manual distribution to residential homes and apartments. You've probably found a good variety of them on your own front door over the years, which is actually a testament to their widespread use and ongoing success.

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Another huge benefit of using door hangers is that they can be quickly distributed without intruding upon anyone. There is no need to knock on the door or verbally engage the residents-�the door hanger will not only provide the marketing message, it will remain securely affixed to the door until the homeowner is available to review it.

Door hangers are popular with many types of businesses, including landscape services, pest control companies, home remodeling companies, pizza restaurants, real estate agents-�basically any company that would benefit from marketing to a targeted geographic area.

In addition to information about the company and its products or services, successful door hangers contain a special offer, a call to action, and a method of contact. If desired, door hangers can be printed with a discount coupon or response card, often designed with a tear-off perforation. A tear-off business card can also be incorporated, or slits can be cut into the door hanger for the insertion of a business card.

Door hangers find applications beyond commercial use as well. They serve various non-commercial purposes, such as facilitating introductions or announcing events, commonly utilized by churches and political candidates.

Intended to be eye-catching, door hangers can be printed with any colors, images, or text you choose. Furthermore, a gloss UV coating or laminate is often applied to enhance the vibrancy of the ink colors and improve weather-resistance.

In most cases, door hangers are produced as a standard-size rectangle (such as the popular 4.25" x 11" or 4.25" x 14" sizes). Door hangers can also be created as a custom size or in a creative shape to meet special needs. Most businesses opt for a standard-size door hanger, as it is the more cost-efficient option.

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