No Longer a Luxury…Full Color Printing is a Necessity.

No Longer a Luxury…Full Color Printing is a Necessity.

We've all come home to find some advertising attached to our front door. Sometimes it's nothing more than a plain black and white flyer, rolled up and hung on the knob with a rubber band. Other times it's a full color piece like a tri-fold brochure in a plastic sleeve or maybe a door hanger.

a business poster

How Do You React?

Some of these you discard rather quickly while others you take an interest in and read. If you're like most people you pay more attention to the pieces that have colorful designs and interesting photographs. You view the company represented by these colorful pieces as being more successful, more professional and well established. Even if the basic content and message is the same, color gets the piece noticed and encourages action.

Conversely, the lack of color makes a business appear more "cost-conscious" and thus causes us to perceive it as small and less successful. This is because we tend to think of full color printing as costing a great deal more than black/white or one color printing. When color is absent, we assume the business is tiny or new or out-of-date and hence we might not take their offer as seriously. Fortunately, the use of color can greatly change these perceptions and make any business appear bigger, more credible and better established. This applies to most any promotional piece a company might produce - brochure, flyer, catalog, stationery, business card, postcard, etc.

You Can't Afford Not to Print in Color

As I've mentioned before, there's no longer any excuse for not using full color printing. Advances in four color process (CMYK) and Digital printing have made color printing much more affordable. What might have been cost prohibitive just a few years ago is now very reasonably priced.

If you are using some promotional pieces that were not printed in full color, ask your printer to quote the pieces in full color next time. You might be surprised how inexpensive it is to add a boost to your company's image. And let's face it, our current economic climate has everyone looking for any competitive edge they can find. Printing in full color just might be the edge you've been looking for. To see the types of full color printing we offer, click here.

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Take care! Rick