Mail QR Codes: How Technology Can Transform Traditional Printing

Mail QR Codes: How Technology Can Transform Traditional Printing

Everyone has probably used their smart phone to scan a QR code at some point whether it was to enter an event, fill out a survey, follow someone on social media or pull up a menu at a popular restaurant. QR code stands for Quick Response Code because you get an immediate response from the customer or client.

The QR code has a unique ability to connect the physical print and digital worlds and is extremely useful in synching print and digital campaigns. There are many benefits to including a QR code on your custom direct mail piece. Here are just a few ways using QR codes can enhance your direct mail pieces and add a digital touch.

QR Codes have Progressed

QR codes were invented in 1994 by a Japanese automotive company to allow for quick scanning during manufacturing. QR codes have evolved immensely in the past few years. You used to have to download a special app on your smart phone to be able to access a QR code's information. In the past few years smart phone developers have made it much easier to access QR codes by allowing users to can a QR code with their smart phone camera. QR codes are used very often in marketing as businesses use QR codes to share coupons, links, sign ups, event information and more with their customers.

QR codes really became popular in 2020 when most of the world went digital. Restaurants began uploading digital menus to QR codes to offer a touchless option during the pandemic. QR codes were also used as check-ins at virtual and in person events. People can now even pay using a scannable QR code. They became a part of everyday life and now businesses can take advantage of their popularity by using them for marketing efforts.

QR Codes in the Business World

Business owners have learned overtime that integrating a QR code for immediate payment or purchase orders can greatly enhance their customers shopping experience. Not only do people prefer touchless transactions, they also want information immediately which QR codes can provide. QR codes provide a way to bridge the gap between digital and physical worlds.

Here are 3 great reasons your business should use QR codes

1. Get Reviews and Feedback

QR codes can help your business generate more customer reviews on your Google Business Profile, on social media and your website. You can add your QR code to your email signature or business card and allow your customers to immediately engage with all of your platforms. You can choose to have a review QR code or a feedback QR code to get more insight on your customers and your business to make decisions to positively impact your day to day business.

2. Get More Sales

One way you can get more sales with a QR code is to provide a coupon that is delivered via the QR code. Incentives are a great way to encourage customers to buy or use your products or services. You can test out different marketing campaigns with your QR code by running flash sales, limited offers, or deals to attract new customers or retain current customers. There are many free websites online that you can use to create and design a professional QR code so that it looks great and can be easily adapted for any offers or deals.

3. Increase traffic to your website

Almost every business in today's society has a website where customers can shop, get a quote, or learn more information about your business. In the digital world we live in a business website is essential. Once you have your website created you want customers to visit it. Sending customers to your website via a QR code placed on an ad, flyer, email, or packaging are just a few ways to get more website traffic.

QR Codes & Mailing Campaigns

There are many ways that QR codes can be used to enhance print and digital marketing. QR codes can be printed onto any and all marketing materials including postcards, brochures, posters, business cards, signs, promotional products, and so much more. For example, a QR code can be printed onto your business card with a link to a PDF of your resume or a link to your business page. A QR code can be printed onto a self mailer with a discount or incentive for customers. There are so many possibilities since QR codes can be linked to any website or page. Instead of printing a bunch of words on your mailing campaigns you can focus more on images and let the QR code hold all the information in small format. QR codes provide an easy way to give information while still focusing on providing a engaging design on the printed piece.

Print & Digital Markets Combined

Print & digital marketing can be used hand in hand and are best used effectively when they are complementing each other. QR codes currently provide the fastest, easiest way to connect the print and digital worlds. As you can see, if you want to print your QR code onto your business cards, direct mailing campaign, or promotional products there are many options available to you. If you'd like to learn more about using QR codes in your print marketing , give Formax a call at 866-367-6221. Or, if you already know your specs, submit our easy quote request form.

Take care! Rick