Large Format Poster Printing: An Overview of Promotional Posters

Large Format Poster Printing: An Overview of Promotional Posters

Salon Poster

A Poster refers to any printed piece that is designed to be affixed to a wall, a window, or any other vertical surface. The objective of a poster is to grab attention and relay information quickly to those who pass by or congregate within the immediate area.

To increase effectiveness, posters should be large in size, contain a message that is simple and easy to read, and be located in an area with high-visibility.

As the name suggests, Promotional Posters are specifically aimed at consumers. As such, promotional posters use well-placed text and colorful graphics to create awareness, stimulate interest, and encourage action.

Retail stores, restaurants, company showrooms, lobbies, tradeshows, window displays, event venues, school campuses, and points of purchase are all examples of places you will commonly find promotional posters.

Popular Uses for Promotional Posters-

  • Introduce a New Business
  • Recommend a Product or Service
  • Advertise a Sale or Special Discount
  • Differentiate a Company from its Competitors
  • Further a Cause
  • Raise Awareness of a Brand
  • Announce an Upcoming Event

Many posters are too large to be printed on the most readily available sizes of commercial printing presses. These oversized poster projects require specialty production equipment that can accommodate bigger-than-normal print dimensions.

If you have a need for custom-printed posters, get in touch with Formax Printing Solutions. Though we don't print one-offs or extremely small quantities, we can help with most poster projects of 250 pieces or more-in sizes from 11" x 17" to 27" x 39". By the way, be sure to let us know if your posters will be used outdoors so we can discuss ways to improve longevity.

Just give us a call at 866-367-6221. Or, if you already know your specs, submit our easy quote request form. We look forward to working with you!

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