Laminated Visuals: Posters, Flipcharts & Other Large Business Displays

Laminated Visuals: Posters, Flipcharts & Other Large Business Displays

Clear Lamination enhances the appearance and durability of Large Format Print Projects

In business, large format printing is used to create high-impact visuals, such as posters, announcements, charts, diagrams and marketing displays.

Applying clear lamination helps further boost the appeal of these large printed messages by adding sheen and vibrancy to the ink colors. Lamination also stiffens and protects large printed pieces, which allows them to last much longer.

Large, Laminated Visuals Serve a Variety of Purposes-

Promotional Purposes: Large, laminated visuals are used extensively for marketing and advertising purposes. Retail locations, showrooms, lobbies, tradeshows, event venues, school campuses and points of purchase are all places you will commonly find large, laminated visuals. Basically, anywhere people pass by or congregate is an excellent location for attention-grabbing posters and displays.

Educational Purposes: Instructional settings - such as classrooms, seminars, business presentations, and corporate training rooms - often use large, laminated visuals such as diagrams, maps and flipcharts. The large format allows everyone to see the information clearly and the laminate coating extends the life of the printed pieces so they can be referred to again and again.

Operational Purposes: Large, laminated visuals are used by a wide range of companies and organizations for day-to-day operations. For example, large laminated signs on walls or equipment can be used to provide information or explain procedures to employees and visitors. Large, laminated visuals can also be created in a simple write-and-erase format for use in scheduling or planning.

If you have a need for custom-printed posters, charts or other large laminated pieces (up to 27- x 39-) get in touch with Formax Printing Solutions. Whether your project prints in black ink or full color, we can apply a gloss or matte laminate to enhance its look and extend its life.

By the way, you will be quite impressed with our prices for laminated printing. So give us a call to compare!

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