Laminated Printing: When to Laminate Instruction Sheets

Laminated Printing: When to Laminate Instruction Sheets

Lamination protects Instruction Sheets from the rigors of use

Instruction Sheets provide logical, step-by-step procedures on how to accomplish something.

Some instructions explain how to follow a specific course of action, such as safety or maintenance procedures.

Other instructions explain how to complete a task, such as how to assemble, install or operate a product or device.

Regardless of the actual message, certain types of printed instruction sheets should be covered with a clear laminate film to extend the life of the documents.

These include-

1) Instructions that are handled frequently -

If your business or organization uses instruction sheets that are referred to over and over again - by employees, customers, technicians, etc. - these printed documents should be ordered with a clear laminate film applied.

The laminate will protect the instructions against stains, smudges, tears, creases and so forth, thus prolonging the life and functionality of these documents.

2) Instructions that are used in dirty or damp environments -

Lamination, particularly sealed-edge lamination, protects printed instruction sheets from dirt, grime, moisture, oil, grease and other contaminants.

This is why any printed document used in a dirty environment - such as around machinery or industrial equipment - or where spills or splatters may occur - such as in a commercial kitchen - should be protected with a laminate film.

3) Instructions that suspend from a chain, hook or lanyard -

Lamination adds rigidity and thickness to printed instructions, allowing the documents to be created with a hole or slot that won't tear out.

Any instruction sheets that hang from a chain, hook or cord - such as instructions for certain types of equipment or consumer goods - should be laminated. Depending on the application, a metal grommet may also be installed to further reinforce the hole.

Sometimes, instructions - such as certain operating procedures or codes - are printed as a small card to suspend from a lanyard worn around an employee's neck. In this instance, the rigid lamination is made with rounded corners to increase its safety.

If you have a need for custom printed and laminated instruction sheets, get in touch with Formax Printing Solutions. Whether your instructions print in black ink or full vibrant color, we can apply a gloss or matte laminate to protect them from the many rigors of use.

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