Ready to Request A Quote: Tips You Will Need To Get Started

Ready to Request A Quote: Tips You Will Need To Get Started

Creating a custom print project can be very exciting!

You have the idea, created the concept and now you are ready to request your quote but don't know where to begin? There are many factors to consider when selecting the options, and we are here to help make your project the best it can be! Here are some ways to make sure you are ready to request your quote.

Know your specs!

Having all the information regarding your project makes it very easy to provide a quote. Sizing, Ink Placement and Paper Stock are key components of any print quote, as their factors play a big part in pricing. Additional information to have an idea on is Quantity, Binding Method (If applicable) and any additional needs such as lamination, hole punch or folding. If you also have a set budget in mind for per piece or total cost, it is best to include that in the request so we can quote options within your budget. If you do not know the best option for a component above, our experts can suggest options based on the project and use of the item to be printed.

Request the quote ahead of time!

Once you have all of your project information, you are ready to send your quote request. It is best to send your quote request at least a month before you would need to order. This gives time for quoting, proofing, production and transit for delivery. If you have a set in hands date that the order needs to be delivered by, ALWAYS include that in your request. It can be a specific date or timeframe. Having that information will help us determine the best options to guarantee delivery by that date!

You submitted your quote request, now what?

Our quotes are provided on a custom basis, so we do not have standard/set pricing per item. Our plant needs time to consider every factor of a project, and they may need more information once the initial specs are provided. Keep watch for a phone call and/or email with additional information needed! Once the quote is complete, your sales representative will email the pricing for review.

Receive your quote!

Ready to move forward? Let us know that you approve and we will set up your account! A payment link for the order will be emailed and once that payment is made, the order is sent to our production facility. A pdf proof is always provided before production begins to ensure the final look is perfect. After proof approval, the order is sent to production and fulfilled within the timeframe provided in the quote. Your sales representative will keep you updated with estimated ship date and tracking once the order ships, as well as check in once the order is received to make sure you are completely satisfied with the project!

So, are you ready for a quote? Our representatives at Formax are ready to help! Simply give us a call at 866-938-3757 or submit our quote request form. We are excited & ready to help you with your custom printing project.

Take Care,