Book Printing: The Many Benefits of a Laminated Book Cover

Book Printing: The Many Benefits of a Laminated Book Cover

One of the best ways to enhance the appearance and function of a softcover book is to have it produced with a laminated cover. Lamination provides many important benefits-

Lamination Adds a Protective Barrier - lamination protects the paper substrate against spills, stains and abrasions, thus increasing the longevity and usefulness of the book.

Lamination Makes the Ink Colors More Vivid - a gloss laminate adds depth and vibrancy to the underlying ink colors, which attracts attention and stimulates interest.

Lamination Creates Distinction - whether it's a high gloss laminate for added sheen or a soft-touch laminate for a unique feel, laminated books stand out from the crowd.

Lamination Increases the Strength of the Cover - the laminate film adds thickness and rigidity to the cover, which helps guard against tears, creases and wrinkles.

Lamination is an Extremely Good Value - a laminated cover adds durability and protection to a softcover book for a very reasonable cost-a fraction of the cost of hardcover binding.

Lamination involves bonding a clear plastic film onto the book's cover. Books that are handled frequently - especially those used for reference, training, cooking or sales presentations - are excellent candidates for lamination.

Also, because of its resistance to grime and moisture, lamination is recommended for books used in dirty or damp environments, such as equipment repair manuals or field guides. Lamination is also a good choice for books handled by children.

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