Book Printing: A Web Press is the Economical Choice for Volume Projects

Book Printing: A Web Press is the Economical Choice for Volume Projects

If your business prints a catalog, manual, directory, magazine, or other publication in volume, a web press will likely be your most economical production method.

Also known as a roll-fed press, a web press is ideal for books produced in large batches, like 5,000-10,000-or more. A web press can also be an economical choice for book runs as low as 1,000 or 2,000 if the page count is very high.

Why is it called a Web Press?

A web press sounds like it has something to do with the Internet, but this is not the case. A web press is an offset printing press that is fed from huge rolls of paper. As the paper unwinds from the roll, it forms a continuous "web" through the press. This web of paper is held taught by a series of rollers, which move the paper through the press.

Unlike a sheet-fed press, which has separate sheets of paper entering the press one after another, a web press is fed from a continuous spool of paper that flows through the press. The paper on a web press is cut into smaller parts after receiving the inked images.

How does a Web Press save money?

When printing high-volume book projects, such as catalogs, product manuals, or magazines, a web press offers two cost advantages over a sheet-fed press. First, its paper cost is less. This is because paper bought in bulk rolls offers substantial savings over paper bought in cut sheets.

Second, a web press can print on very light paper stock. A sheet-fed press encounters problems when printing on lightweight stock, but a web press handles it just fine. This is an important factor for catalogs, manuals, and other high-page-count publications because it reduces bulk and prevents the book from becoming too heavy or unwieldy. In addition to making the book easier to handle, the lighter overall weight and reduced thickness helps lower the costs associated with storage and distribution.

If you would like to explore the benefits of web printing, give Formax a call at 866-367-6221 or submit our quote request form. We print all types of books and publications - using web and sheet-fed presses - so we can easily determine which method will offer the best savings for your particular project. Don't pass up an opportunity to reduce your book printing costs - explore all your options!

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