How Formax can offer such Low Pricing

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How Formax can offer such Low Pricing...

Formax is able to offer you lower prices on quality printing because our business model is vastly different from that of a traditional printer. Our production, customer service, and purchasing methods are much more efficient, which keeps your prices as low as possible.

No Outside Sales Force

Instead of using a costly outside sales force to call on potential and current clients, Formax relies solely on our knowledgeable in-house print coordinators to provide the assistance and support you need.

Multiple, Specialized Printing Plants

Unlike most printers, Formax is not limited to a single facility. In fact, we utilize 5 specialized production plants. This allows us to use the most efficient printing press for your specific project, which saves you real money.

Massive Buying Power

Each year, we process millions of dollars of printing for clients like you. Our huge collective buying power is leveraged and the key to offering you lower prices than you could get on your own.

Combo Runs

When applicable, we use printing equipment that allows us to run multiple projects at one time. This saves production time and set-up costs, which means substantial savings for you.

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Discover the Benefits of Formax's Worry-Free Print Buying Experience

Formax believes - and our customers agree - that the ideal way to achieve superior personalized service is by having a dedicated inside support specialist follow your job from start to finish. By eliminating the outside salesperson from the process, you receive two benefits:

  1. better, more personalized service
  2. lower pricing on your printing.

Formax not only saves you money, we also make print buying worry-free. We manage your projects for you, from start to finish!

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