Teachers, Print your Own Educational Materials and Teaching Books!

Teachers, Print your Own Educational Materials and Teaching Books!

Whether in an Academic or Corporate environment, Course Materials developed by the Instructor greatly enhance the Learning Experience

Are you a teacher, professor or trainer looking to print your own instructional materials for use in the classroom?

Let's face it, many times the mass-produced textbooks and course materials fall short of expectations. Perhaps the content is dated or dull, or lacks the particular focus you want for your students. Or, maybe you'd like to develop a new curriculum for which no existing textbook or course materials are suitable-or even available.

Even if you've found a textbook that's a good fit for your course, couldn't you enhance the learning experience by developing your own supplement to the text? And don't you believe your students would be better served by a workbook or study guide actually created by you, their instructor?

If so, we have some great news for you. It is actually quite affordable to produce your own printed books. Recent advances in digital printing technology allow all types of books, manuals and related teaching resources to be printed inshorter production runs. In many cases, as low as 200 copies. Plus, there are affordable binding options available for creating very professional-looking books and booklets - such as perfect binding, spiral coil binding and saddle-stitch binding.

Books can be created for any subject matter. Early Childhood educators can create custom coloring books or books that their students can write in. Middle, High, and University Educators could create detailed notes sheets bound for their students to purchase to review content taught in class.

If you're an educator who has the freedom to create your own books for students, Formax can print them for you very affordably. We'd love to discuss your book project with you-so give us a call.

Take care! Rick