Promotional Printing: Custom-Printed Bookmarks are Simple, Yet Effective

Promotional Printing: Custom-Printed Bookmarks are Simple, Yet Effective

Examples of Promotional Bookmarks with Rounded Corners

A custom-printed bookmark is one of the most simple and economical ways to share a promotional message. A bookmark is a very useful item and is appreciated by casual readers as well as hardcore bookworms. Your name and message will be seen every time they open their book!

Bookmarks vs Flyers

Bookmarks are a great alternative to flyers because they provide repeated exposure to your marketing message. And because they serve such a useful purpose, bookmarks are not just skimmed over once and then hastily discarded.

Even though a bookmark has less printable space than a flyer, this can actually work to your advantage because it requires you to create a very focused message. After all, your goal is to build awareness of your brand or organization, not to pack so much information into the design that your main message gets crowded out. Also, if some additional space is truly needed you can always add printing to the reverse side of the bookmark.

Colorful, Durable and Practical

Promotional bookmarks are almost always printed in color, usually with a full bleed. Also, to add durability and increase longevity, most bookmarks are created from card stock which receives a UV coating or is laminated with clear plastic (the rare exception is a bookmark designed to be written upon, in which case these should remain uncoated). Plastic laminated bookmarks can become rather stiff, so the corners are often rounded to make them less sharp and safer to handle. Rounded corners also improve the bookmark's visual appeal.

Bookmarks are Very Popular with Churches and Religious Organizations

In addition, bookmarks can be printed in long-runs for wide-spread distribution, or in short-runs for limited distribution. Either way, they make excellent giveaways to current customers and prospects, as well as trade show, showroom or lobby visitors. One clever way to distribute a promotional bookmark is to place it in a brochure or catalog to draw attention to a featured product or other item of interest to the recipient.

Who Distributes Promotional Bookmarks?

Companies of all sizes - Bookmarks are an economical way to achieve long-term promotional benefits. They provide repeated exposure to a company's name, logo, slogan, website or other marketing message.

Bookstores and Libraries - Bookmarks are a natural item to distribute with books. They can be printed with the hours of operation, book recommendations, author profiles, information about book club memberships, upcoming lectures and so on.

Schools and Educational Organizations - Bookmarks can be used to encourage reading and boost school pride. They are also a practical way to distribute a schedule, a calendar of sporting and other events, or lists of rules, instructions, important phone numbers and such.

Charities and Religious Organizations - Bookmarks help provide a quick snapshot of the mission of a charity or religious group. They are also commonly used to spread goodwill, solicit donations, encourage volunteering, or announce programs, outings and events.

Custom bookmarks are a relatively simple yet cost-effective method for promoting your company or organization. If you have any questions about custom-printed bookmarks or would like to further explore the many benefits, give Formax Printing Solutions a call at 866-367-6221. We will help you create colorful, durable bookmarks you will be proud to share.

Take care! Rick