Printing Lingo: What is YUPO® Synthetic Paper?

Printing Lingo: What is YUPO® Synthetic Paper?


YUPO® is a "Tree Free" synthetic paper manufactured by the Yupo Corporation, the world's top producer of synthetic paper products

YUPO® is a popular brand of synthetic paper developed by the Yupo Corporation, the world's leading manufacturer of synthetic paper products. Unlike traditional paper, YUPO is made from polypropylene resin instead of wood pulp.

YUPO accepts ink very well and can be substituted for paper on a variety of print projects. Though it costs somewhat more than traditional paper, YUPO is growing in popularity because it combines the versatility of traditional paper with the durability of plastic.

The Benefits of YUPO Synthetic Paper include-

1) Waterproof - YUPO does not absorb water like conventional paper. Even when wet, YUPO retains its strength and structural integrity. This makes it an excellent choice for restaurant menus and placemats, as well as for maps, field guides, and other documents used outdoors.

2) Tear-Resistant - The multi-layered polymers in YUPO create a more dimensionally stable substrate than the cellulose fibers of conventional paper. This makes YUPO a good fit for the covers and pages of books, lanyard cards, reusable tags, and other frequently-handled print materials.

3) Environmentally Friendly - Made from inorganic compounds, YUPO is totally "tree free." In addition, the primary raw materials in YUPO are carbon and hydrogen, so it does not emit toxic chlorine gas when ignited. YUPO is also 100% recyclable.

4) Ultra-Smooth Finish - YUPO's patented manufacturing process gives it a distinctively smooth surface that is unlike any printing substrate you have ever felt. When used for brochures and promotional literature, the unique texture of YUPO helps to instantly differentiate your company and brand.

5) Long-lasting - YUPO synthetic paper is extremely durable. In addition to being virtually tear-proof, it does not absorb stains and moisture like conventional paper. YUPO's naturally slick finish allows it to be easily wiped clean and provides resistance to scratches and abrasions.

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