Printing Lingo: What is Sequential Numbering?

Printing Lingo: What is Sequential Numbering?

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Sequential Numbering is a popular feature on custom-printed forms
Sequential Numbering, also known as Consecutive Numbering, refers to the printing of ascending or descending identification numbers so that each printed unit receives its own unique number.

This unique number can appear in one position, or in multiple positions, on each document. In addition to providing a method for easy reference, sequential numbers provide a high degree of accounting control. Sequential numbers are often printed in red ink so they can be seen easily.

Sequential numbering is a versatile feature that can be applied to a wide range of printed items requiring unique identification. For instance, it is commonly utilized in various multi-part NCR forms and padded documents like contracts, invoices, purchase orders, receipts, quote forms, and order forms. This numbering system ensures each item is assigned a distinct and consecutive number, facilitating organization and record-keeping processes. Sequential numbering offers practicality and efficiency in managing and tracking printed materials across different industries and applications.

In addition, hang tags - such as inventory tags, inspection tags, and repair tags - are often printed with sequential numbers. Checks and raffle tickets are two other common examples.

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