Book Printing Lingo: What is Comb Binding?

Book Printing Lingo: What is Comb Binding?


What is Comb Binding?

Comb Binding uses a plastic spine with a series of ring-shaped tines or "teeth" to secure a book's cover and pages

Comb Binding, also known as Cerlox binding or Surelox binding, uses a cylindrical plastic shape with multiple curved tines along its length.

This rigid plastic shape forms the book's spine and would resemble a hair comb if it were not formed into a cylinder, hence the name Comb Binding.

Each tine or "tooth" along the comb binding element is pre-formed into a closed ring shape. Each ring-shaped tine contains tension. When these tines are spread apart and then released, the tension closes them back into a circular shape.

The comb binding method produces a durable and professional-looking document. To bind a book with this method, the curved tines are spread open and inserted through rectangular slots punched along the spinal edge of the book's cover and pages. When the tension in the tines is released, the spine closes back into its original shape, securing the covers and pages as a unit yet allowing them to turn freely.

Benefits of Comb Binding

A comb bound book can lie flat in the open position without having to be held open. This feature makes it very well-suited for manuals, study guides, directories, cookbooks, and other reference materials that benefit from being "hands free."

Another advantage of a comb bound book is that pages can be added or removed relatively easily. Tabbed dividers and perforated pages also work well with the comb binding method. Furthermore, the plastic combs are readily available and come in a variety of sizes to accommodate books of varying thicknesses.

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