Printing Lingo: What is a Kiss Cut Label?

Printing Lingo: What is a Kiss Cut Label?

Self-adhesive postage stamps are a common example of the Kiss Cutting method. The perimeter of each stamp is cut cleanly for easy removal, but the liner sheet remains uncut.

Kiss cutting stands out as one of the most widely used techniques for creating pressure-sensitive labels.

Throughout the kiss-cutting process, a sharp metal die expertly cuts around the perimeter of each label, but the cut does not fully penetrate the backing material (liner).

The die achieves a clean and precise cut through the peel-off section of the label, while gently "kissing" the liner sheet. This ingenious feature enables individual or multiple labels to stay intact on the liner sheet or roll until the end user decides to peel them off. Besides the convenience it offers, the kiss-cut method provides an impressive array of possibilities, allowing labels to be manufactured in nearly any shape or configuration desired.

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