Presentation Folder Printing: Add Distinction with Creative Pocket Designs

Presentation Folder Printing: Add Distinction with Creative Pocket Designs

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The Interior Pockets of this Presentation Folder use Colorful Die-Cut Shapes to Add Distinction and Stimulate Interest

A Presentation Folder, sometimes referred to as a Pocket Folder or Portfolio, is a high-quality folder used to distribute and organize documents for presentations, meetings, seminars and other important business events.

As the name implies, presentation folders are designed to promote an organization's professional image and make a lasting impression. This is why presentation folders often have covers with laminated finishes, metallic foils, embossed images and other prestigious features.

Creativity is Not Limited to the Cover

In addition to a visually impressive cover, the interior of a presentation folder can also have design elements which add distinction and emphasize a company's promotional message. One of the best ways to add interest and bring originality to the interior of a presentation folder is with sculptured pockets. Unlike standard rectangular pockets, sculptured pockets have attention-grabbing shapes and artwork to reinforce the theme of the presentation and boost corporate identity.

High in Prestige, Low in Cost

Even though sculptured pockets appear to be created from an exclusive and expensive process, this eye-catching feature is actually very affordable. In many cases, standard die shapes and stock imagery can be used to create a custom look. Thanks to existing libraries of designs, high-impact presentation folders are no longer just for huge companies-organizations of any size can now afford unique and memorable folders to showcase their presentation materials!

Sculptured Pockets for Presentation Folders are available in a Wide Variety of Creative Shapes and Themes

Formax Printing Solutions offers hundreds of interesting folder sizes, shapes and artwork-and they're all stock choices. This means your presentation folders can get that customized look without you having to pay a penny extra. So give Formax a call and let us help you create impressive, colorful pocket folders for your next presentation or business gathering.

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