Multi-Language Instruction Sheets: Conserve Space with Miniature Folding

Multi-Language Instruction Sheets: Conserve Space with Miniature Folding

Multi-Language Product Instructions can be Printed on a Single Sheet of Paper and then Mini-Folded to Conserve Space

As American manufacturers expand into markets outside the United States, the need arises for product information to be printed in multiple languages. This is particularly true for instructions, which must accompany each product to explain its proper assembly, operation and care.

More Languages = More Space Needed for Printing

As the demand for goods increases globally, it is not uncommon to see product instructions printed in 10 or more different languages. Instead of printing a separate instruction sheet for each language, which adds cost and inventory management issues, many manufacturers now print multi-language instructions on a single sheet of paper.

But what does repeating the same information in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Korean and other languages do? It increases the amount of printing needed on the instruction sheet-which of course requires a much larger sheet of paper. This can pose a problem, particularly if the product is very small and its package does not have a lot of extra room.

Miniature Folding to the Rescue

Examples of Miniature Folding

To prevent the size of multi-language instructions from becoming too big or bulky for a product's package, a specialty operation called Miniature Folding can be used. Miniature Folding reduces a large sheet of paper into a very compact size. This provides a cost-effective way to fit a great deal of printed information into a tight space or small package.

The Miniature Folding operation, also called Mini Folding or Pharmaceutical Folding, is most commonly used for instruction sheets. But, it can also be used for any other printed piece a manufacturer may wish to include with a product, such as a promotional insert, warranty, use and care guide, brochure or coupon.

If you would like to explore the space-saving and cost-saving benefits of Miniature Folding, give Formax a call at 866-367-6221 or submit our quote request form. We can develop a cost-effective solution for your specific printing and folding need.

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