Map Printing Services: Tear-Off Pads are a Very Convenient Way to Distribute Maps

Map Printing Services: Tear-Off Pads are a Very Convenient Way to Distribute Maps

An example of a 2-sided tourist map created as a tear-off pad

Printed maps are often provided by Visitor Centers, Event Promoters, Tourist Attractions, Information Desks, Rental Car Agencies, Hotel Reception Areas and Concierge Stations-plus many other places and venues where people might need some assistance to efficiently navigate the local area.

Producing maps as tear-off pads makes for a very simple and convenient way to store and distribute the maps. Tear-off map pads are created by applying a flexible adhesive along one edge of a stack of same-sized maps. The adhesive secures the printed maps as a unit, but allows the topmost map to be easily removed when needed. Most map pads incorporate a chipboard backer for rigidity.

Tear-off pads can be produced in just about any handy size, but work best for maps measuring 17" x 11" or smaller. Also, tear-off maps can be printed in color or grayscale, with the printing on one or both sides. In addition, tear-off maps are very economical, making them well-suited for one-time use.

What types of Maps are commonly created as Tear-Off Pads?

  • Tourist Maps of Shopping Districts, Restaurants, Hotels, Local Attractions
  • Visitor Maps of Theme Parks, Zoos, Botanical Gardens, Fairs, Festivals, Museums
  • Participant and Spectator Maps of Parade Routes, Marathons, Trade Show Venues
  • Walking Maps for Sightseeing, Self-Guided Tours, Historic Sites
  • Transit Maps of Towns and Cities, Public Transportation Routes, Parking Areas
  • Maps of Campgrounds, Hiking and Biking Trails, Wildlife Sanctuaries, Fishing Lakes
  • Maps of Resorts, Golf Courses, Parks, Recreational and Sport Complexes
  • Maps of University and College Campuses

What are the Benefits of Tear-Off Map Pads?

  • Pads are easier to handle, store, and transport than loose sheets
  • Can be produced in virtually any convenient size
  • More economical than large maps that require folding
  • Can be printed in full-color or with just one or two colors
  • The orientation can be portrait, landscape, or square
  • The printing can be on one side or both sides
  • The number of maps per pad is variable (25, 50, 100-or any amount you prefer)
  • Maps can be dispensed by a staff member or the pad can be set out for self-serve

If you'd like to learn more about the benefits of creating maps as tear-off pads, give Formax a call at 866-367-6221. Or, if you already know your specs and would like a quote, submit our easy quote request from. Whether you need 100 or 10,000 map pads, we're here to help!

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