Hardcover Book Printing: Short Runs are Surprisingly Affordable

Hardcover Book Printing: Short Runs are Surprisingly Affordable

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Need a short run of Hardcover Books printed? It's more Affordable than you might think!
Have you written a children's book and are now looking for a printer to produce it as a hardcover version? Are you planning a milestone anniversary and want to share the occasion through keepsake books? Is your company preparing to produce a hardcover book to document its history?

If so, you are likely concerned about the cost of having your hard cover books produced-especially if you only need a small quantity of books.

Luckily, Times have Changed

It is true that the production of hardcover books used to require a large investment in a long press run. This made hard cover book printing costly and impractical for many people. But recent advances in Digital Printing equipment have made short-run book printing very affordable, as well as providing faster turn-around times.

Affordable Book Printing - No Time like the Present

There is truly no better time than the present to have your hardcover books produced. Thanks to new Digital Printing methods, hard cover book printing has become a very practical and economical option for authors and self-publishers.

Options that were once cost prohibitive for short-run projects are now much more reasonably priced. Whether your book project requires a full-color cover laminated with a gloss, matte or soft-touch finish, or needs all interior pages to be printed in full color, you will be pleasantly surprised at how affordable these options have become.

Once you've finalized your book and have all the print specifications nailed down, give Formax Printing a call at 866-367-6221 to discuss pricing. Or, submit your detailed specs through our easy quote request form by clicking here. Whether you need 100 or 1,000 books, we can help simplify the printing process for you.

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