Direct Mail: Still the Best Way to Target Customers

Direct Mail: Still the Best Way to Target Customers

No Other Form of Marketing can Target your Intended Audience like Direct Mail

Unlike most other marketing methods, Direct Mail allows you to target your message with absolute precision.

Shotgun vs Rifle

The disadvantages of advertising via radio, TV, magazine, newspaper, billboard, etc. is that your message is broadcast to the masses. This shotgun approach gives you little control over who your message reaches. As a result, your message becomes impersonal, unfocused and crowded out by all the other messages competing for the attention of your audience.

However, with Direct Mail you can target a specific market niche based on interests, needs, lifestyle, location, education, income, social status, etc. Like looking through the crosshairs of a rifle scope, you can select the recipients of your mailing with pinpoint accuracy. Thus, your message is more personal, focused and meaningful to the recipient.

Email vs Regular Mail

For direct marketing purposes, regular mail has the advantage over email. This is because pieces sent via regular mail exist in tangible form, which guarantees they will be seen and held. Also, with regular mail, your message can arrive in any physical form you choose-including colorful, attention-grabbing text and graphics.

Conversely, an email arrives as a single line of plain text in the subject field of a busy Inbox. This means your message can easily get lost among all the other emails competing for the recipient's attention. Unlike a well-designed postcard, letter or mailer that arrives - and lingers - in physical form, a stark email heading has little chance of making a lasting impression. Thus, unsolicited emails are often deleted quickly-or just plain ignored.

Formax has years of experience and can help with every step of your Direct Mail campaign - from the idea - to the printing - to the mailing. We make sure your mailing is Post Office compliant too. Give us a call to see how easy your next Direct Mail project can be!

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